7-Step People Performance Improvement

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7-Step People Performance Improvement

Lamplighter 7-Step People Performance Improvement SystemLamplighter's 7 Step People Performance Improvement System™ is a unique, integrated method for improving organisational and individual performance.

Using our method, you will be able to take a systematic and scientific approach to improve your own performance, that of your people, of your team and of your whole organisation.  By setting the goals and parameters of development, then measuring the results at every stage, you will achieve extraordinary growth in a strategic and purposeful manner.

Senior Executives work to improve performanceMany businesses are given advice on how to approach business, organisational and individual development that involves trying a thousand different approaches at once, or just throwing something at a wall and seeing if it sticks.  By using our systematic approach to improving performance, you are able to align plans, strategies and tactics with your business goals - achieving measurable and sustainable results.

You will also build committed leaders who reflect the kinds of traits, skills, behaviours and attitudes that you need for your organisation to thrive.  Additionally, our system allows you and your people to make sense of the direction in which they and others around them are headed.

Each step of the 7-Step System, enacted alone, will have a significant effect on your business.  When combined in the right order for your business and people, the outcome is spectacular.

Based on over twenty years experience and study of human performance improvement and development both individually and in organisational contexts, we have applied this system to organisations and individuals to retain, re-engage and develop the best people for your business.  Our clients find that using the system creates extraordinary results for them and their people.

Review our Client Successes to see examples of how Lamplighter can help you.

Book your FREE 30 Minute "People Performance Consultation" with Peter McLean (valued at $220).  During this power packed consult, you'll identify key areas for improvement for you or your people and develop a strategy for immediately improving your performance.

If you like the impact of this consultation, you may wish to engage one of our specific consulting services, or take the next planning step with our People Performance Audit™.  This 3-Step Consultation program analyses over 220 points of performance throughout your organisation.  The Audit provides you with systematic plans and specific behaviours to implement to improve your performance over the long term.  Visit the People Performance Audit™ page for further information on the Audit.

Contact Us or call Peter directly on +61 0435 127 320 for your free 30 minute consultation (valued at $350) and see how the 7 Step People Performance Improvement System can help you realise your goals.
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