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"He's Like a New Man!" - that's how one client described the instant impact of our coaching.
You can become an even Higher Performer, using our unique expertise in individual and organisational coaching.
We have coached scores of executives, professionals, business owners and CEOs to achieve better results in their professional and personal lives and their business.
Coaching can provide you with an unmatched advantage in your business and individual success. Whether they be times of transition, expansion, change or the constant drive to better yourself, coaching provides you with one-on-one insight and motivation to reach higher than you ever could alone.7 Step Performance Improvement System

Just as our 7 Step Performance Improvement System works with organisations and teams, so it works with the individual.  By setting a vision, concrete goals and measuring your progress, you will reach your personal and business goals faster and with greater surety.

We use our unique IP and technologies to create dramatic change and results.


Our coaching is built on decades of training and experience in helping people and organisations to achieve levels of performance and satisfaction they never dreamed possible.

Coaching Available

REMOTE COACHING: It's the 21st Century and the internet is everywhere. We use contemporary communications in our coaching programs, including tools like Skype and GoToMeeting and the ubiquitous email, in order to support clients around the world.
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Coaching is for High Performers

Let's be honest, many people ask, "Why would I ever want a coach?" The answer to that is simple:

"Post my first meeting with Peter I was confident that I would get a lot out of our time together. Once we set up a development plan going forward I was excited to commence. During and as a result of our 3 months Coaching Program I have significantly improved my retention of clients and the uptake of new business. This was a great result as was the main focus of my development.

I would recommend the services of Lamplighter and Peter to any one of my colleagues and associates."

- Ian Balfe, Commercial, Aon Risk Services

The world's greatest atheletes, musicians and performers rely on coaches to help bring out the best in them and keep them on the edge for ever higher levels of performance. They use coaches who understand their sport, instrument or profession and how to analyse performance, build on strengths and overcome weaknesses. Those coaches also understand how the environment and opportunities need to be shaped to provide the best opportunity for those individuals to shine.

You need a coach who wants to see you succeed and will act as your guide, encourager and most constructive critic if you want to be a high performing leader or professional. That's why you need an executive coach who knows how to bring out your talents and gifts in your career and who understands the complexities of corporate, business and socio-political environments. That's the kind of executive coaching that Lamplighter has provided for numerous CEOs and business leaders.

Contact Peter to find out how our coaches can help you move to "the next level" in your performance.

Zone of Proximal DevelopmentMoving to "The Next Level"

In any performance system, the goal is to move from one level of initial unassisted performance through to another level of higher performance. For this transition to occur, you must move through a stage of assisted performance or learning.

Zone of Proximal DevelopmentBelarusian psychologist Lev Vygotsky famously called this the Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) and promoted the use of language as a primary tool in shaping our thoughts and resultant actions.

One of the most powerful methods for human performance improvement is the use of a relational facilitator - a teacher, mentor or coach - who can provide assistance through the transition.

An accomplished teacher or coach helps guide your insight and draw the best out of you, while providing or referring you to the best tools and resources to continue to assist you to move to that next level.  Your coach provides you with an objective eye that challenges you to critically assess your performance, get the right information, assist you in analysing your action plans and behaviours and to encourage you to perform to your best.

With over 40 years combined proven experience in promoting high human achievement, the directors of Lamplighter bring to bear their wealth of experience and understanding to help you cut to the real issue and build effective growth into your life.

Uniquely, all of our coaching proceeds from proven principles of learning, human cognition and performance. We work with you to develop plans to help you clarify, articulate and achieve your goals - practically and soundly. No fads, no junk!

Executive Leadership Coaching

As an executive, you are required to operate at peak proficiency. But that's hard to do when you enter unknowns or face the ongoing stress of a demanding position. We work with you, using proven principles of cognition, motivation and human development, to help you develop as an outstanding leader and achieve your goals and that of your organisation.

Be an effective leader who communicates convincingly, manages effectively and leads courageously—and keep your life in balance.

We use our unique Gifted Leadership™* model to help guide in your development as a leader and executive - bringing out your gifts and talents so that you get results!

Executive Coaching is usually a longer term programme to help you achieve transformative results and comes at different levels of service, from weekly or monthly meetings, to unique profiling and job shadowing. We can also work alongside you in delivering a key project, coaching through design, buy-in generation, communication and delivery - all key aspects of your leadership.

"Peter’s mentoring and self-improvement coaching has been instrumental in the development of my personal growth program. His methodology helped me identify my core strengths and how I could leverage these to perform at a peak level. Within a short period of time, Peter was able to pinpoint the right strategies and tactics that infused my enthusiasm and help impact my consulting process. Since working with Peter, the results have been noticeable, having increased my sales conversion by 20%. I am now more focused on the positive outcomes and evolving my plan to reach my long term goals."

- Andrew Levy, Senior Marketing Consultant, Response Marketing Solutions

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Business Coaching

Business Owners face unique situations and need to examine all of the goals and functions of their business on a regular basis. As business owners, we understand the challenges you face and have experience in coaching businesses to achieve fantastic results.

We work with you to create the business of your dreams, while building sound management, effective leadership and developing systems to maintain your performance and that of your business.

Combined with our consulting expertise and unique and powerful tools, you get superlative coaching and business improvement that is focussed, systematic and makes sense - not a list of 256 things to do with no direction.

Executive Public Speaking and Communication Coaching

A unique, purpose-driven executive coaching programme that centres on your communication and public speaking skills. Our unique Authentic Speaking®* programme is based on over twenty years experience in and research into developing public speaking and communication principles that build leaders.

The Executive Coaching programme can help you to cast a compelling vision, motivate and bring out the best in your people and achieve your goals in ways you may never have thought possible!

Andrew Moore, CEO, Harcourts State Support

"I went to Peter at Lamplighter looking to improve my speaking, and not really knowing what to expect. I was delighted with how practical and applicable the sessions were from the outset. I gained a great understanding of what makes a good speaker and feel that I really improved as a consequence of my time with Peter. I would recommend both Peter and Lamplighter to anyone who wants to improve their abilities in the speaking field."

- Andrew Moore, CEO, Harcourts State Support, W.A.

Visit our Authentic Speaking® website to find out more or download our Authentic Speaking Coaching brochure.

Executive Coaching Clients have included . . . 

  • CEO, One of Australia's Largest Health Care Providers - Strategic Communications and Branding
  • CEO, Nomad Building Solutions, ASX – Coaching for Executive Confidence, Presence and Communication Effectiveness, Strategic Organisational Development
  • National HR Manager, Global Professional Services Firm, Australia - Strategic and Operational Leadership, Innovation and Project Implementation and Management, Team Formation, Team Re-positioning, Conflict Negotiation
  • Director, Accounting & Taxation, Financial Services Firm - coaching for performance, strategy, leadership, culture turnaround and crisis management
  • Senior Executive, Qantas, ASX50 – Coaching for career promotion, leadership and communication, boardroom effectiveness
  • Insurance Manager, Global Risk Insurance Firm - Coaching for Leadership, Performance, Business Development and Innovation.
  • General Manager, Goodwill Engineering – Coaching for Personal Leadership and Executive Team Integration
  • Senior Executives, The Centre for Cerebral Palsy – Team performance, Leadership and Strategic Development, Communications and Collaborative mindsets
  • Managing Director, National Corporate Group – Leadership, Communication, Organisational Performance, Succession Planning
  • Managing Director, Electek Electrical Contractors – Confidence, Communication
  • CEO, Harcourts WA State Support – Taking personal communication, presentation and presence to “the next level”
  • Tower Australia – Overcoming brashness and apparent coldness and arrogance, developing productive professional and client relationships, achieving greater market share


Coaching Categories Include

  • Behavioural Change
  • Authentic Speaking® Communications Coaching
  • Gifted Leadership™ Coaching
  • Career development
  • Performance Improvement
  • Succession Coaching
  • Life Balance
  • Transition and Change Adjustment
  • Innovation
  • Strategic Development
  • Business Performance

Coaching Services May Include

  • Face-to-face coaching
  • On-site observations / job shadowing
  • Workforce interviews
  • Psychometric Profiling
  • Email and/or phone support
  • Ongoing education and resource provision
  • Job/Business Alignment
  • Group facilitation
  • Unique communications and public speaking coaching

Contact us for a FREE 30 minute initial consultation.  During this consultation, you will be able to raise your needs and assess our ability to deliver on your coaching programme.

Rest assured that your enquiry will be treated confidentially, discreetly and respectfully at all times.


*Gifted Leadership™ is a trademark and Authentic Speaking® is a registered trademark of Lamplighter Performance Consulting. All rights reserved.

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