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Drive Higher Performance

Create Greater Profit, Increase Productivity, Improve Morale and Be a Leader in Your Industry.
Whether you are seeking to solve performance issues, adapt to change or growing your business...


The most important criteria for the success of any consulting project should be the results. So we employ consulting techniques that emphasise just that, creating dramatic results within short timeframes.


Many consultants, managers, HR specialists and leaders say that new processes need to be "bedded down" and that after they've spent a year perfecting a plan of action, then they'll begin the implementation phase. We implement and integrate results and methods as we go, ensuring dramatic and long-lasting results. Because you don't want to wait two years before you see a return on investment. We can do this because we are focused on clear objectives and combine assessment, change initiation, communication, structural or technical realignment, leadership and more to create dynamic change and extraordinary outcomes.

We use world class process consulting and performance consulting to improve your position, build productivity and profitability for your company.

Our Consulting work uses the best in performance improvement in order to create outstanding results for your investment. We partner with you by bringing our expertise and processes to work with you to achieve dramatic results in your organisation.

Systems, resources, capital, processes and people are all needed to create a high performing business.  But 80% of business performance problems are people problems.  That's why we put the horse before the cart and target the area of greatest need for business improvement, using process consulting that draws on your existing resources as much as possible. 

To improve your performance, you may not need a massive injection of capital and additional resources, but need to work with your existing talent to create more productive and powerful performance.

What We Do

With world-class expertise in processes that create results for people, we partner with you to improve your performance.  Our methods may include:

  • Performance Overview of Your Company or Team
  • Identification of Performance Inhibitors, Bottlenecks and Barriers
  • People Performance Audit ™
  • Lamplighter 7-Step People Performance Improvement System ™
  • Process Analysis and Mapping
  • Research Methodologies including: On-site Observation and Assessment, Surveys, Focus groups, Interviewing, Facilitated Discussion, Quantitative and Qualitative Research
  • Coaching
  • Environmental assessments
  • Design and Delivery of Learning & Development
  • Train the Trainer
  • Organisational Capability Audit
  • Development of Customised Programmes
  • Collaborative Processes
  • Coaching, Workshops and Facilitation as Appropriate



Outcomes for Your Company or Team May include:

  • Increased Profit
  • Improved Business Performance
  • Improved Productivity
  • Improved Morale
  • Lowering Stress and Management Issues
  • Increasing Staff Retention and Engagement
  • Measurable Organisational Development
  • More Effective Leadership
  • Process Improvement
  • More Productive Workflow
  • Document Control (through our specialist associates)
  • Talent Management Processes (software solutions and specialist associate services available)
  • Marketing and Sales Improvement (through ourselves and/or our specialist associates)
  • Strategic Planning that is measurable, actionable and worthwhile (including specialist associates)
  • Clear Communication of Vision and Strategy
  • Client relationship skills improvement
  • Customer Service improvement
  • Effective Change Initiation and Management
  • More Effective Teamwork
  • Innovation Improvement
  • Improved Creativity

Refer to some of our Case Studies to see how we have helped other companies and teams to achieve fantastic results.

Don't wait for a feasibility study that will take 6 months before you even get started. If you want to create dramatic results, contact us now.

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