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Does It Really Matter? - February 2012 Newsletter


Welcome to the latest newsletter from Lamplighter Performance Consulting.

Happy New Year to the Chinese community. Mary, co-director at Lamplighter, visited Kuala Lumpur in January for an international conference for the Harrison Assessments community. She was delighted by the many dragons put up around the city in preparation for the Year of the Dragon. May it be a great year for you all.


Does It Really Matter?

We are well and truly into 2012 and, for many with young children, yesterday’s return to school for the majority of students in WA means the real start of the year.

I had written an article during the month of January on how to achieve goals, setting accountability, resourcing, etc. in light of the kinds of New Year resolutions people make, but I felt there was something dreadfully wrong with the article. All of the things I was writing about are good (and I will post them on my new blog), but it was missing the key point: Does it really matter?

I find so often people make New Year’s resolutions and set goals and targets and either drop them like a lead balloon or work frantically away without properly considering how important it is to them, to their business, career or to their loved ones. Like a mouse running in the wheel, there’s a lot of activity but they’re not really getting anywhere. I mentioned this in a couple of presentations to business groups during 2011, giving the example of how people’s resumés (and I have frequently observed  many in government doing this – I’m sure my government readers are excluded) are often padded through with all of the activity they have been involved in – committees, standing groups, involvement in sales and marketing campaigns, budgetary oversight, positions held and more – but no real sense that they have actually achieved anything that made a difference.

There is an episode of the brilliant BBC satire “Yes Minister”, where Sir Humphrey Appleby, a highly positioned UK civil servant, animatedly defends a brand new hospital that was completed 15 months prior, has over 500 staff but no medical personnel and no patients. He argues:Sir Humphrey Appleby argues for activity not results

“We don't measure our success by results, but by activity, and the activity is considerable - and productive. Those five hundred people are seriously overworked...”

(After inventing this absurdity, the writers say that they discovered before finalising the script that such hospitals and hospital wings actually existed in Britain at the time). I’ve written previously that this has in the past been one of the downfalls of Australia’s present federal government.

Here is a definitive prediction for 2012: There will be economic upheavals and “downheavals”, doomsayers and optimists, there will be difficulties and challenges placed before you and opportunities (sometimes heavily disguised). But unless you work towards something you believe in and are passionate about, unless you strive to create positive results, unless you work with others who equally want to see these results achieved, then only blind luck will make something happen that makes a difference.

Is what you are doing really making a difference that matters to anyone, to you especially?

Are you measuring your success by activity, or by results?

Here’s to a great 2012!


After much dithering over the domain name (I really shouldn't worry about it so much), I am starting up a new blog and will email you once a few articles are up. I find that there are so many things to write about during the month that I get frustrated that I can only include a small number of items in the newsletter. Also, I would like to have more interaction from our Lamplighter community. Sharing comments from other readers will give you further food for thought, with articles on leadership, strategy, communication, teams, performance (including the ones on goal-setting and achievement that I mention above) and anything else that strikes my fancy. Watch this space!


2012 Workshops Schedule

We will be sending out individual emails regarding each of these workshops over the coming week, but here is a summary of our open workshops currently scheduled.

Authentic Speaking Workshops

We are running three courses of Authentic Speaking Public Speaking Workshops this year:

1. Authentic Speaking Foundations Workshop. This is our 2-Day Foundations workshop - appropriate for those looking to set a great foundation and become a more confident speaker. It is for people from small business owners or general staff through to executives who need to work on their confidence and get started in speaking. Dates: Mar 5-6, May 17-18, Aug 13-14, Nov 5-6 2012

Our Workshops Book Now2. Authentic Speaking Refresher Workshop - Bringing Your Stories to Life. By popular request (isn't that fun to say?), I am offering a 1-day Refresher course for Authentic Speaking graduates. The focus of this workshop is on developing a store of powerful stories to convey different values and to use for different purposes. I will take you through a process to develop them and to bring them to life and we will add further dynamism to your speech and delivery. I will also be surveying graduates of the Foundations workshop regarding their current speaking needs, to ensure that this Workshop continues to boost your speaking to another level. Date: 28 May 2012

3. Authentic Speaking Executive Leaders Workshop. A 2-Day Workshop for Executives and Senior Leaders who are already confident and have regular exposure as speakers, but need to focus on how to present their own personal and organisational brand strongly and powerfully. This 2-Day Workshop will only be held once in 2012 and will be structured to allow peers to discuss communication needs at senior leadership levels. Dates: July 30-31 2012

Visit www.authenticspeaking.com.au for workshop details or email info@lamplighter.com.au for enrolment forms.

Gifted Leadership Experience

LeadershipWe have been working on this 2.5 day Leadership Experience for quite some time: Designed to bring together dynamic senior leaders who want to transform their leadership and results, this Leadership Experience will be part retreat, part workshop, part milestone experience. We have been in discussions with US Management Schools to use cutting edge resources in Positive Psychology and are also bringing to bear our own research in professional giftedness, plus our experience in leadership and personal development built up over three different continents.

We already have some people who have expressed their desire to participate and have expressed their desire for certain objectives and content that they would like to see incorporated. I will be putting out a call for Expressions of Interest in the coming weeks.

We are planning on holding this at a Perth-based resort in the first half of 2012 and will be including recreation and a sumptuous celebratory three-course lunch on the final day.

Socratic Dialogues - Using Questioning to Create Change

Mary McLeanMary is running this 2-day workshop, first created for BHP Billiton Iron Ore's Rapid Growth Implementation Team to help them use this specialised skill - using Socratic Dialogues - to lead others to change their mindsets and results. A tremendous workshop (especially for technical specialists), it divorces you from didactic and unproductive forms of communication and helps you to lead people to inevitable conclusions that create change. She's a Master Teacher and it's incredibly enjoyable and productive. Dates: June 4-5 2012

Activating Your Gifts At Work - Becoming a High Performer

Based on my original research into professional giftedness, this 2-Day workshop helps you to identify your pre-eminent gifts and talents and how to develop them, hone them and apply them in your own work. We examine how to craft your job for better results and how to seek out and develop the gifts and talents in those around you so that you can develop high performance teams. This is an experiential and experimental workshop, so I will need keen and enthusiastic participants ready to contribute to this experience. Dates: June 18-19 2012

Upcoming Events

Your Gifts as a Leader Workshop - Rotary Crawley

I'm starting off the Leadership Development year for Rotary Crawley with a half-day workshop in late February on 'Your Gifts as a Leader'. Members are bringing guests and from my understanding, the workshop mostly booked out within a few days of being advertised and are now almost fully booked. This will be taste of both the 'Activating Your Gifts at Work' workshop as well as our Leadership experience later this year. I'm looking forward to it.

People Performance for Profit Presentation - Stirling Business Association March 14

I will be presenting on "People Performance for Profit™: 7 Steps to Outstanding Performance - The case for investing in your people: How to systematically develop extraordinary performance, productivity and profit through your people." on March 14. This will be a luncheon occasion at the Saint George Hotel.

Details and bookings are available at the SBA site at http://www.stirlingbusiness.asn.au/events.htm?id=91

Robyn Moore - Power of the Word, March 12

My friends at BH Promotions and ICMI have noted that some of my newsletter readers might want to attend a presentation at the Octagon Theatre, UWA on March 12th by Robyn Moore on "The Power of the Word". Robyn is a nationally and internationally recognised voice-over artist, speaker and personality. Among other things, she is the voice of Blinky Bill.

She is coming to Perth with what Brad Hope Promotions is saying will be a delightful presentation on taking back the energy in your life.

If you would like to attend, tickets are available through http://www.bhpromotions.com.au/products-page/tickets/robyn-more-the-power-of-the-word/. 'Add to Cart' at the bottom of the page. Be careful though, the page is blue and a bit tough to read.

If you note 'Lamplighter' as the referral source at the bottom of the registration form, then we will see if we can get those attending a group discount on their entry.

Authentic Speaking® Foundations - Mar 5-6 2012 Workshop

Our next Authentic Speaking® Foundations Workshop is on Mar 5-6 2012. As noted above, this workshop focuses on the Foundations of Public Speaking and Presenting. Don't Just Present - Connect!

Visit www.authenticspeaking.com.au for workshop details or email info@lamplighter.com.au to register.


Personally Speaking - The Return

My wonderful girls returned to school yesterday. We'll miss them! But this last Sunday my middle child slipped and fell on the tiles at my parents' house and broke her left arm. I rushed her to Princess Margaret Children's Hospital here in Perth because we looked at her arm and it seemed like it should not be bending "like that." Mercifully, it is not winter time for us and therefore there were no long lines of flu-ridden families waiting for treatment. There was only one other family in the whole Emergency Department.

We saw people rapidly in succession and were out of there in a little over an hour, x-rays concluded and splint on her her left forearm for her buckle break. Other than the initial shock of pain, my brave little girl cried a couple of times but was totally courageous with the pain and her treatment. (It was only two days later that she cried for a little while when doctors called to say that based on a standard review, she needed to return for a plaster cast.)

When returning home, she commented in the back seat that we should contact everyone who was there at the time of her accident and let them know that she was fine. We arrived at home where a couple of cousins and uncle and aunty were waiting, along with her grandparents in their car, as they had dropped off the rest of the family. Her grandparents were about to drive away when Katherine enthusiastically waved and yelled out in response to them on the other side of the street, "I'M OOKAAAYYYY!!!"

Facing difficulties like that and bouncing back is a much more positive approach to life than stewing in our troubles.

All the best.

Thanks for your comments.

Peter McLean

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