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Enthusiasm It Works - October 2011 Newsletter

Lamplighter Newsletter Archive - October 2011

I hope you enjoy the latest Lamplighter e-newsletter and welcome your comments as always.

The Enthusiastic Guy at Leach Highway Maccas

Travelling as I often do between clients in Perth, I frequently pass by the Leach Hwy McDonalds “restaurant”. Now, I hate Maccas’ meals. (We sometimes call McDonalds by the name 'Maccas' in Australia.) Although I will occasionally have eggs from different McDonalds restaurants for a breakfast, I always found the beef burgers made me ill. But it’s a long drive sometimes and, passing by, I decided a few months ago to pick up a chai latté at the McCafé.

I was surprised to find that one of their staff was immensely enthusiastic with all the clientele. He came out from behind that counter and served customers out in the restaurant when there weren’t too many people around. He was so welcoming to customers, that at first I thought he was the manager. But, you know, it made for a really warm environment and made it an enjoyable experience.

I went back for another visit another day, taking out my laptop to access their WiFi and decided I’d have a chicken burger, as I’ve found those not so offensive to my stomach in the past. To my delight, that same staff member – Michael – was serving at the counter. He welcomed everyone with a genuine smile and a hearty and loud “Good afternoon sir/madam. How are you today?” and if time allowed engaged them in brief conversation. When it came to my turn, he asked me what I would like and then, after I asked about it, actually recommended the Grand Angus and told me about the dietary comparison between it and the chicken burger. I enjoyed it and it didn’t make me feel ill.

Michael is so excited about you being there, that people line up just to be served by him. It’s astonishing. At Maccas! And I will deliberately go past there thinking that being served by Michael will be a nice addition to my day (but I try to keep away from the burgers!)

Michael is not the manager, he’s just one of the daytime regulars. I met the owner the second or third time I was there. Terry said he encouraged Michael early on by rewarding him for going above and beyond with customers. He had seen Michael run out to deliver a coffee to customers waiting in their car in the parking lot, so he caught him on the way back in, gave him $10 and said “That’s the kind of service I want here.” From then on, he continued to encourage and reward Michael and Michael grew into this powerhouse they now see today.

Terry said that customers are thrilled with Michael. So thrilled, in fact, that customers started up their own facebook page for “The enthusiastic guy at Leach Highway Maccas”. Over 1360 people have “liked” the page. Businesses request drinks from the Maccas and ask that Michael deliver it – they’ve posted photos of him delivering to their office on the facebook page.

There’s a lot to learn from this story, but here are three lessons.

One, if a Maccas guy can be that enthusiastic about McDonalds food – and thereby bring in repeat customers – then can you be enthusiastic about the value you provide your customers? A genuine smile and connecting with a client or audience can make them feel extremely welcome and that they are getting something great. If your service or product follows suit, they’ll keep coming back for more.

Two, if you are leading others then reward the behaviours you truly want to reinforce. Many leaders pay lip service to this – they spend far more time working on papers, in their office, or talking to their people only when they have to reprimand them. Terry caught Michael doing something great, immediately rewarded it and continued to reinforce the message time and again. As a result, Terry has a very different “family restaurant” than many you will see.

Three, deliberate practice and rehearsal makes for great performance. Terry worked with Michael over time so that Michael would become the enthusiastic and powerful service drawcard that he is. It didn’t happen all at once. It took time and specific development. How are you practicing and developing your enthusiasm, your talents, your skills?

You can visit the facebook page for Michael here at http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-enthusiastic-guy-at-Leach-HWY-Maccas/230099417024575?sk=wall . But if you live in Perth or are visiting, I recommend dropping by – he’s there during the day shift – and seeing it for yourself some time. What an enthusiastic guy!


AIOP WA Conference Presentation Oct 25

I will be speaking at the annual AIOP (Australian Institute of Office Professionals) WA State PD Conference on the topic of “Using Your Gifts and Passions to Create Great Leadership” on Tuesday, October 25, 2011 at Assured Ascot Quays. My presentation will cover the application of one’s gifts and bringing out the gifts and passions of others to create great leadership. If you wish to learn more about this upcoming presentation, visit www.lamplighter.com.au or visit the AIOP WA website at www.aiop.com.au/wa. Details on the Conference and registrations are available through the AIOP website.


Authentic Speaking® - Nov 7-8 2011 Workshop

Our last Authentic Speaking® workshop for 2011 is on Nov 7-8. Limited spaces are still available.

Visit www.authenticspeaking.com.au for workshop details or email info@lamplighter.com.au to register.


Rotary Productivity-Driven Leadership Breakfast Presentation

I will be speaking at the Rotary Club in Crawley WA on Nov 17 on the topic of "Productivity-Driven Leadership" during their breakfast meeting.

Rotary Crawley is one of the most dynamic Rotary Clubs in Western Australia, with a drive for developing service, leadership, business and career results for its members. The Club has been very active in bringing on board a whole host of younger professionals and has a very strong reputation for bringing in well known speakers and support programs as it fulfills the Rotary Mission to serve the community.

You can find more details on the Rotary site at www.rotarycrawley.org.au


Personally Speaking - Being Ill is Not Fun

After a horrid flu season in Perth, there are many still recovering as Spring blooms around us. I personally spent the majority of 9 days bed-ridden with the flu after my family had borne the brunt of it for several weeks. I decided a few years ago that being ill really is not fun, especially after some hospital bouts. When you're in hospital, people may think that you are "resting up" and getting the chance to read books, etc. But it's not that way at all. The same when you are bed-ridden at home: there's not a lot of work going on, nor enjoyment. Now that we are well into our Spring (or Autumn for our Northern Hemisphere readers), let's make the best of the beautiful weather! (And if you suffer from Hay Fever as I do - load up and keep moving.)

Thanks for your comments.

Peter McLean

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In This Issue
Lamplighter Performance Consulting The Enthusiastic Guy at Leach Hwy Maccas
Lamplighter Performance Consulting AIOP Conference Presentation - Gifts of Leadership
Lamplighter Performance Consulting Authentic Speaking Nov 7-8 2011
Lamplighter Performance Consulting Rotary Productivity-Driven Leadership Breakfast Presentation
Lamplighter Performance Consulting Personally Speaking

In This IssueIn This Issue
Lamplighter Performance Consulting AIOP Conference Presentation - Gifts of Leadership
Lamplighter Performance Consulting Authentic Speaking Nov 7-8 2011
Lamplighter Performance Consulting Rotary Productivity-Driven Leadership Breakfast Presentation


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