Getting A Round Tuit - August 2009 Newsletter

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Getting A Round Tuit - August 2009 Newsletter

I'm writing to let you know about some news from Lamplighter Performance Consulting.  I’m excited to announce some valuable information now available through our new Authentic Speaking® website.  Authentic Speaking® is our original Public Speaking coaching programme that helps build individuals' ability to connect, persuade and inspire others.  Past clients of Authentic Speaking® have found it an invaluable way to improve their public speaking and communication skills.  It may be something that will benefit you, your people or a colleague, so I wanted to share this with you.

Authentic Speaking® is for those wishing to improve their ability to publicly communicate in numerous settings - whether it's to advance your business, motivate your people, or promote a Vision for a worthy cause.

This newsletter will advise you of the next round of Authentic Speaking® courses – starting in just under a week! – give you some information on public speaking resources we've made available and give you some food for thought.

New Website

Over the past few months, we have been working on developing more services for those wishing to improve their public speaking.  As a result, we have developed a new Authentic Speaking® site, which has gone live at

The new site tells you about our workshops and coaching and our increased scope of public speaking coaching services, including our private executive coaching services that have been popular with business owners and senior executives looking for private public speaking training that enhances their business success and leadership skills.

Simply navigate to the Executive Coaching page to read about these services – unique in Western Australia.  Our Authentic Speaking® coaching can combine the benefits of traditional executive coaching with the clear and unambiguous purpose of improving your communication skills – a key driver for any successful leader.

Other information now available on the site includes more about ways you can grow as a public speaker.  Additionally, we will also be adding a planned series of articles and resources on Public Speaking, Communication and Leadership.  These are being prepared right now and will be added over the coming months.  Our main Lamplighter Performance Consulting website is also undergoing a "makeover" and will be posting new content on how to improve your individual or organisational performance in the coming weeks.

The Authentic Speaking® site will continue to undergo further radical transformations in the coming months, but I wanted to let you know about the new address and content now.  Please feel free to write and let me know what you think and to offer any suggestions you may have as we develop an even better site for you.

Authentic Speaking Workshops

Authentic Speaking® is still the best Public Speaking training available in W.A. and in all likelihood, we are increasingly led to believe, in Australia.  Not only do you grow as a speaker, our training helps you to motivate and inspire people towards your vision.

We have three workshops coming up in Perth:

  1. August 24-25
  2. September 24-25
  3. October 26-27

We are taking bookings for these workshops and would love to see you there.  We are offering a Last Minute Discount of $150 off our August event, and a further $150 Early Bird Booking Discount off our October event (payment before August 31), so now is a great time to book Authentic Speaking®.  Call 9288 1780 now to take advantage of this offer!

Referral Offer

Graduates can refer a friend or colleague to receive the benefit of Authentic Speaking® training.  If you would like more information, please contact me and I’ll have some sent to you right away.

Refer or bring a friend to Authentic Speaking® and I will give you both a 10% discount on your next workshop or coaching engagement.

Getting a "Round Tuit"

I firmly believe that Public Speaking is one of the most under-rated skills in Australia today.  In some recent work with the Managing Director of a publicly listed company, we have observed how relevant these skills are to improving business, working with your people and leading others – especially when times are tough or challenging.

We’ve also discussed how important it is to be genuine as a speaker.  Too many in the public eye – business people, stars and politicians – try to effect a particular style or manner in order to shield themselves.  Ironically, in protecting the self, they do themselves and others a disfavour by not truly connecting with the needs and values of the audiences they are attempting to address.  I have seen more than once a particular PM (who shall go nameless) read straight off a piece of paper for an hour straight with barely a hint of expression, when what his audience really needed was for him to look them in the face, be open and honest and tell how he really feels about the economy.  Luckily for him, his opposition has the habit of shooting itself in the foot with alarming regularity.

Connecting with people allows you to motivate and persuade them in ways you could barely imagine before.  Many businesses recognise this, of course, but fail to invest in developing their speaking skills – and continue to flounder and wish things were different.

My Dad used to hang a “Round Tuit” on the wall at home.  He said all the kids were always going to “get around to it” so he went out and bought one so that we’d finally do what we said.  (He still complains about that.)  Whatever it is you’ve been wanting to do in your life, whether that’s to improve your Public Speaking, write that Strategic Plan, do that Microsoft Office course (so you can finally learn how to do that fancy stuff), or to learn to play the piano, don’t wait for a “Round Tuit” – or at least go buy one.

Invest the time in achieving those goals now and find the help you need to accomplish them.  If you don’t, you’ll see the years slipping by and keep wishing you could “find the time or the money” to do something about it.  Take the time and make the investment and you’ll see the returns for many years to come.

Many kind regards,

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