Harrison Assessments Talent System

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Harrison Assessments Talent System

Lamplighter Performance Consulting provides licensed Harrison Assessments consulting and interpretation is a licensed international distributor of the Harrison Assessments Talent System.

The Harrison Assessments Talent System (HATS) is a unique work-preferences profiling tool that measures over 150 individual traits relevant to job performance. Based on over two decades of research, it is a world leader in individual profiling and provides an integrated package for:

  • Recruitment Profiling & Job Applicant Tracking
  • Development Profiling
  • Team Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Career Assessment

The Harrison Assessments Talent System has been demonstrated to reduce the work and time involved in large-scale recruitment efforts by up to 80% while producing the same final preferred candidates as lengthier and very costly traditional recruitment methods.

Its innovative Job Success Formulas, Management and Development Recommendations predict Job Success and High Performance with up to 85% reliability and also provide tremendous insight into individual strenths, weaknesses and how to increase individual and organisational performance and productivity.

As a development tool, it can provide unmatched identification of an individual's role suitability and direction for further development and growth.

Visit the international website at www.harrisonassessments.com for in-depth information and contact us if you would like to inquire about using or acquiring HATS as a tool for your organisation.  (Please note: Harrison Assessments International provide services only through licensed distributors.)

How you can use HATS in your organisation:

1. Bureau Services - Use Lamplighter Performance Consulting to conduct profiling for your needs. This is a great option for small or infrequent usage. Our regular clients are delighted by our ongoing personal service and immediate attention, while providing them with the depth of our experience with Harrison Assessments and other people needs.

2. In-House Services - If you wish to use the profiling tools on a regular basis you can contract to use the HATS system in-house. Suitably qualified personnel can be trained in administration and interpretation. After initial set-up investment (which is a base purchase of necessary units for running profiles) and basic training costs, you pay as you require units for use with significant volume discounts available. You can also continue to use our services for interpretation of results. Your per-report cost is drastically reduced and provides you continual access to the system and resources for maximum flexibility.

Visit our Harrison Assessments page or the Harrison Assessments International page for further information on the Harrison Assessments Talent System - used by millions around the world.

Or Contact Us to arrange for a free demonstration of this powerful system for your organisation.

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