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Harrison Assessments Testimonials

"As a matter of best practise in recruitment, GESB uses multiple sources of information to build a profile of job candidates. One of these is psychological assessments. Until recently, we used assessment tools provided by one of the recruitment companies we work with.

We recently investigated alternatives, as we found the assessments available to us were expensive, onerous for the candidate to complete and of limited value once the recruitment was complete. As a result of the investigation, with the help of Lamplighter Performance Consulting we came across Harrison Assessments, an online work preferences questionnaire. We have now transferred to using Harrison Assessments for both recruitment and career development, as there are a number of advantages to GESB, including:

• Quick and easy for the candidate to complete

• Able to match a candidate’s profile to the requirements of a specific job, and identify strengths and areas for development. This is also very useful when helping someone with career development

• Improved confidence in selection decisions

• Significantly lower cost than previous assessment tools

• Excellent plain English reports that are easy to use and interpret

• Assessments can be used at the shortlisting stage, particularly when there is a large applicant pool, resulting in considerable savings in recruitment time and effort.

• Self-administered by GESB and easy to use

• Development reports available, to assist managers with managing, developing and retaining the candidate once selected

• Able to be used for career development

Harrison Assessments have now been used in a number of recruitments, and have been well-received by managers, as well as resulting in significant savings to GESB. Several existing employees have also completed the questionnaire and received career development feedback and coaching. They love the reports, and find them very easy to understand. Because the information is based on their own work preferences, people are very comfortable with the feedback, which provides a great starting point for the coaching conversation.

We’d like to thank Lamplighter Performance Consulting for helping us implement this tool, including training our staff in interpreting the materials."

Michelle Gilmore

Head of Human Resources

GESB (Government Employees Superannuation Board)



"Peter worked with me using the Harrison Assessments Job Success Analysis and Career Development instruments. As a senior manager, I have taken numerous instruments over the years and am accredited on MBTI, FIRO-B, Strong, EQi/EQ360, CPI and the Enneagram. With this background, I highly recommend the Harrison tool and Peter's thoughtful and insightful feedback as an extremely helpful part of CEO/senior management selection and development."

- Kym Bills, CEO, WA Energy Research Alliance, - Services & Resources - FREE Download to get you thinking

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