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Leadership is an Art - July 2010 Newsletter

“Leadership is an Art”

There was a book published in the late 1980s by Max dePree, a Fortune 500 CEO, called “Leadership is an Art”.  An experiential and inspirational read on how to be a highly effective leader, it was widely regarded as an instant classic.  DePree had been acclaimed as an outstanding CEO.  Based on his experiences leading large corporations, one of his contentions was that leadership was more than applying measurements, processes and systems, but was the art of helping people to achieve the goals that you established with them.

DePree wrote that leadership is about being someone whom others wish to follow, as much as it is about numbers and paper results.  He wrote that leadership entails activating others to achieve.

During the month of May, I had the pleasure of hearing from Vanessa Torres, VP for Business Development and Projects at BHP Billiton Nickel West and winner of the 2009 Telstra Business Women’s Award in the Private and Corporate Sector....

Read what Vanessa Torres had to say about the art of leadership …

Cerebral Palsy Awareness Week, August 1-7

Those who know me know that I make no bones in talking about our youngest daughter who has cerebral palsy. She has a significant disability, meaning that she has a life of extreme challenge not just ahead of her, but facing her every day.

National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Week is on from August 1-7 here in Australia. The Centre for Cerebral Palsy (TCCP) in WA is running a number of events to raise awareness and help the lives of those affected and their families.

If you visit their site at http://www.tccp.com.au/content.php?page=432 you will find a calendar of events, videos and more information, including details about a corporate lunch hosted by Lavan Legal on August 3rd.

As someone who receives the benefit from the services provided by TCCP, I am forever grateful for the sacrifices made by others to help our disadvantaged. Thank you.

Mary McLean, directorSeminar and Networking evening, August 12 – Business and Professional Women’s network Fremantle

Mary McLean, founder and director of Lamplighter Performance Consulting, will be speaking at BPW Fremantle’s networking evening on August 12th, about how to create great People Performance for yourself, your clients and your organisation.

A brilliant problem-solver, Mary is intimately involved in every aspect of Lamplighter’s work, helping clients to achieve tremendous growth in productivity—and profit.

Mary will share, from her own life experiences and our company’s work, practical strategies for transforming personal passions into extraordinary business performance.  Discover how your unique talents, skills and strengths can bring out the best in the people you work with.  Learn how the world’s most successful companies overcome the barriers that limit growth and transform common hassles and headaches into excitement and enthusiasm.  Whether you are a sole trader seeking to connect better with clients or MD of a large company, let Mary help you inspire the people who are key to your success.

There are more details about the BPW Fremantle chapter here at http://www.bpw.com.au/fremantle.htm .  They will be posting more details of this event on their website soon.

If you would like more details from us, please email info@lamplighter.com.au and we will respond or forward your details to the event organisers.

We look forward to seeing as many ladies as we can networking and learning together with this committed group.

“People Performance for Profit” Seminar - October 6

FBA (WA) is sponsoring our “People Performance for Profit” Seminar on October 6th, from 6-8 pm.  This is a one and half hour seminar event with professional networking during the break and afterwards.

7-Step People Performance Improvement System

This seminar is a signature event packed with practical advice, examples and applications that you will be able to immediately take away to help grow your business.  I will be presenting information about the absolute best practices that you can employ to lift your people’s performance at every turn – drawing on my experiences, research and work in human performance, client work and the best examples from companies that achieve extraordinary results.

We are talking with other groups about hosting this seminar at other dates. If your organisation would like to sponsor this seminar for your membership or clients, please call Peter directly at 9288 1780.

We will be providing more details as the date approaches, but reserve the time on your calendar now.

For more details on the seminar, visit http://www.lamplighter.com.au/viewStory/People+Performance+for+Profit+Seminar

Authentic Speaking Workshop – August 9-10

Learn how to connect with, influence and persuade your audience on a level you never knew existed.  I work closely with all participants, drawing on over 23 years experience and training in Public Speaking and development, to help you make extraordinary changes to your confidence and speaking skill.

"I learned more from [just] one day of your workshop than I have in all the other presentation courses I’ve ever attended combined!"  Bindi Allan, Client Services Manager, WestScheme, June workshop graduate

Venue: Guildford Landing Function Centre

Dates: Mon-Tues, August 9-10

Times: 8:30 - 4:30 each day

Visit http://www.authenticspeaking.com.au/ for workshop details or email info@lamplighter.com.au to obtain an enrolment form.

For more details, visit http://www.lamplighter.com.au/viewStory/Authentic+Speaking+August+9-10

Personally Speaking

Thanks to the many who commented on the article I sent out during last month titled “Let Them Eat Cake – How Mr Rudd Was Brought Down by His Own Revolution.”

An old friend of mine called me to tell me that the article reminded him of something he experienced in England during World War II. The bombs were falling and under Churchill everybody pulled together, tightened their belts, went without, even pulled out the iron fencing from their properties so it could be smelted for the war effort – all without complaining – because they knew they were fighting together for the cause of good. He commented that it’s rare to see that these days.

As we face the upcoming national election, it’s interesting to see how political leaders are presenting themselves and talking to the Australian public. Do they merely pander to self-interest (theirs or others’) or do they point to something greater?

As Santayana said, “Those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it.”  I might say that those who do not learn the good lessons of history are bound to make approximately one quadzillion more mistakes than they otherwise would. Both politicians and the electorate should pay close attention to the past in order to influence the future.

Thanks for your comments.

Peter McLean

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