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Our People

Profile: Peter McLean

Peter McLean is co-founder and Managing Director of Lamplighter Performance Consulting, a company he and his wife, Mary, founded in 2007 with the goal of providing outstanding services to improve individual and business performance.Peter McLean speaking

Peter's client work has delivered millions of dollars of value to clients, improved organisational performance and processes, facilitated strategic growth, helped CEOs to achieve incredible confidence and growth in their leadership, built dedicated workforces, developed superior skills in managers and personnel and brought out the gifts and talents of individuals so that they can achieve tremendous results in the workplace and life.

A native of Perth, W.A., Peter has an extraordinarily diverse background of service in private business, government, schools and universities on three continents, working from the ground up through to senior leadership positions. He has been acclaimed in numerous contexts for his insight, passion and commitment to achieving the best results in all his work.

Lamplighter has consulted and worked with a wide range of businesses including solo traders, SMEs, non-profits, family businesses and large corporations such as BHP and Rio Tinto. Peter has also personally coached business owners, senior executives and CEOs of major publicly listed corporations, helping them to overcome barriers to performance and to achieve greater success.

Peter’s studies include qualifications in business, IT, psychology and education. Peter studied and worked for a number of years in IT, business and finance in Perth in his early career.  He then fully funded his own travel and study at a Texas University, studying leadership and completing a multidisciplinary degree that included public speaking and communication, business, science & maths, humanities and sociology, with minors in psychology and theology. He was awarded prizes and leadership roles numerous times and was the top-ranked achiever in the national Academic Profile Exam both years that he undertook the exam, scoring in the top 1 percent of all university students throughout the U.S. He undertook further qualifications in Perth, his Masters studies specialising in educational psychology at the University of Western Ontario and his PhD studies, which are nearing completion, through the University of Western Australia.

Aside from his work with Lamplighter and clients, Peter is active in his local community and donates time and services to The Centre for Cerebral Palsy (WA).

Peter’s work is not merely theoretical. Lamplighter’s methods and skills have been proven through the fantastic results they have achieved with businesses and individuals throughout WA.

As a consultant, coach and speaker, Peter's focus is always on improving your results.

Qualifications include 

  • B.A. (Liberal Studies Major, Minors in Psych. & Theol.) - Ambassador University, Texas, U.S.A.
  • IT, Business Studies and Accounting - TAFEWA
  • P.G. Dip Ed. - University of Western Australia
  • M.Ed. (Educational Psychology, Cognitive and Development Psychology in Ed. specialisation) coursework - University of Western Ontario
  • Ph.D. (candidate) - University of Western Australia
  • Certificate IV Training and Assessment
  • Accredited Harrison Assessments™ Consultant


Profile: Mary McLean

Mary McLean, directorMary McLean (neé Nancekivell) is a highly gifted and talented consultant, teacher and facilitator. Co-founder and Director of Lamplighter Performance Consulting, Mary founded the business in 2007 after being invited to teach change management and communication tools to senior personnel at the world’s largest mining company. Her aim in forming Lamplighter, with husband Peter, was to provide world class practical help in improving individual and organisational performance.

A Canadian by birth, Mary grew up with a practical, yet scientific orientation. Daughter of a brilliant electronics engineer with a love for both science and farming, she cut her teeth in the real world by running farms while debating the utility of high frequency data transmission systems with her father – practical and intellectual. Mary combined this with a natural gift for teaching to become a tremendously insightful persuader who cuts to the core of issues.

Mary completed her Honours Bachelors Degree in Science at the University of Western Ontario, where she was awarded a Gold Medal as the top student in her graduating year. Her degree included extensive study and work in the physical and social sciences. She completed Ontario's rigorous and highly competitive Bachelor of Education degree the following year and taught for several years in Ontario. Mary also learned American Sign Language, ran instructional programs for people interested in communicating with the deaf community and led adults in the provision of volunteer services.

She worked and taught in a range of environments in Canada, including work demonstrating her negotiation skills in contract negotiation as President of her local Professional Association. After several years work in Perth after marrying Peter McLean, she returned to Canada to study for her Masters Degree in Education, specialising in curriculum design. Peter and Mary returned to Perth in 2004 with their growing family.

Mary works as a facilitator and consultant within Lamplighter and is central in both the design and running of all our consulting and educational programmes.

Mary knows how to achieve practical and immediate results in all her work. Combining a profound understanding of human psychology, learning and performance with a scientist’s approach and her tremendous gifts at working with people, Mary’s work drives Lamplighter’s proven success with people from all walks of life.

Qualifications include

  • B.Sc. (Hons) – University of Western Ontario
  • B.Ed. (postgrad) – University of Western Ontario
  • M.Ed. coursework – University of Western Ontario
  • Accredited Harrison Assessments™ Consultant


Our Associate Network

We aim to be a one-stop shop for all of your performance improvement needs. Therefore, we have a network of dedicated consultants and professional services firms able to provide you with oustanding results. Examples of their areas of expertise include ...

  • Information Management Control Systems
  • Financial Management and Inventory Control Systems
  • Security and Project Safety
  • Information Technology
  • Registered Training (e.g. Frontline Management, TAA)
  • Talent Management Systems
  • Employee Support and Psychological Services
  • Recruitment and Outplacement Services
  • Equipment, Transportation and Logistical Services
  • and more...

All of our partners can work under our guidance, in order to ensure that you are receiving the best assistance, integrated into our performance improvement plans.

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