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Peter McLean


I tasked the events team with providing our membership with world-class speakers.... I especially wanted a wow factor for our first meeting to set the bar high.

I was very pleased to hear that our Events Team had secured you as a speaker, as your reputation as an accomplished speaker preceded you. You certainly lived up to your reputation....

Leadership is a critical success factor for Project Managers, you brought out the key issues that PM's must face as leaders.... The feedback from members was very positive, as you would have gathered from the large number of questions that you fielded, and the follow-up questions after the meeting.

Thank you very much for speaking at our event, and providing the wow factor!

James_Watson_President_PMIWAJames Watson – President, WA Project Management Institute


About Peter

peter-profile-shot.jpgPeter has been called a miracle worker by his clients. The principal director and co-founder of Lamplighter Performance Consulting, he is an expert in human development and leadership who has helped numerous businesses, CEOs, executives and professionals to grow and to achieve their vision. He has delivered millions of dollars of value to his clients, changing businesses and lives for the better.

His broad international experience and work across the gamut of industries as a professional, and as a consultant and executive coach provides his clients both dramatic insight and strategic breadth with a personal bent. His client work has delivered many millions of dollars of measurable value, plus commensurately immeasurable value with dramatically changed leadership and lives.

As a speaker, writer, consultant and executive coach, Peter draws on his diverse professional experiences on 3 continents, his expansive education, including his unique doctoral research, and his personal gifts & talents as a pragmatic strategic thinker, problem solver and communicator to show you steps you can immediately take to achieve higher levels of success today.

Peter McLean is available for keynotes, presentations, workshops and for facilitating outstanding results for your organisation.

We work with you to create outstanding results for your event. Enquire to discuss your needs.

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We create customised presentations for your needs, working with you to create the results you need - whether that's challenging the status quo and driving change or inspiring your audience to further heights. Enquire with us.

Some of our 'prepared' sample topics follow:

Major Topics Include

  • Gifted Leadership™: The Keys to Leadership that Creates Results

All leaders can create productive outcomes and lead others for success. Focus on 3 key areas of your strategic leadership that bring out the gifts and talents of yourself and others and creates results!

  • Authentic Speaking®: Connect, Persuade & Inspire as a Genuine Leader

Great leaders are great communicators. How do you connect with, persuade and inspire others to action?

  • Gifted Professionals: How Gifts Can Transform Your Performance and Your Life

Work with your gifts and those around you to create extraordinary performance. Strengths-based approaches only scratch the surface of true potential. You need to dig deeper to create true talent!

  • People Performance for Profit™: 7 Steps to Outstanding Performance

The case for investing in your people: How to systematically develop extraordinary performance, productivity and profit through your people. What research, experience and the world’s best companies show us can be achieved.

  • The Secrets to High Performance

Getting high performance from yourself, your team and your business. Here’s a clue: the secret is not more money!

  • The Keys to Unlocking Conflict - at work, in the family and in our communities

The keys to unlocking conflict lie in our attitudes, our behaviours and our communication. Learn 5 keys that will help you to peacefully resolve conflict at work, in the home and in society at large.

  • A Walking Miracle - Building Hope and Resilience Every Day

There are many lessons to learn from life with my daughter, Alyssa, who suffers from cerebral palsy. Learn lessons from our life as parents of a disabled child: how the despair and feelings of helplessness provoked by tragedy can be turned into hope - inch by inch, a day at a time.


 General Topics Include:

  • Talent Development
  • Communication
  • Senior Leadership Teams
  • Performance Management
  • Succession Development
  • Changing Culture
  • Communicating Across Cultures
  • Customer Service
  • Professional Services Excellence
  • Personal Success
  • Human Development and Potential
  • Individual and Organisational Resilience
  • Coaching and Working With High People for High Performance

"Peter McLean recently engaged Local Chambers members and guests in a brilliant, motivating presentation on ‘Productivity Driven Leadership’. His message was very well received by the members who thoroughly enjoyed his enthusiastic style. Peter is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend his services."

- Sarah Bellows, Local Chambers of Commerce & Industry Inc., W.A.


"Peter McLean from Lamplighter Performance Consulting conducted an excellent workshop for senior staff to help us use Performance Management more effectively across the Public Health Division. He clearly distinguished between periodic performance appraisals and an ongoing process of performance management, and showed how a new process could contribute to our existing divisional goal of building a culture of shared leadership and open communication. 

He engaged empathetically and constructively with staff prior to and during the workshop, and provided a useful set of performance management tools. Interestingly, he then used these tools to get us to plan how we would implement what we had committed to at the workshop. Staff evaluation of the workshop was very positive."

  - Professor Tarun Weeramanthri, Executive Director & Chief Health Officer, W.A. Public Health Division


“Peter McLean...presented...on 'People Performance for Profit'. Peter’s style of presentation was relaxed and he made you feel like he was talking to you personally. You were engaged in his speaking … Many people in the audience took notes … and I was one of them which highlights to me that his talk was … valued highly. I came away with the understanding of what I need to do to improve in the investing of my people so their performance improves…. I hope he can share it with other groups.

 – Rob Bluntish, President, Stirling Business Association and MD, All Points Communications

Read the full testimonial letter (pdf)


 "We... invited Peter McLean from Lamplighter Performance Consulting to give a presentation to a group of Family Business Australia members and guests . . . .  Peter delivered both an informative and entertaining presentation, he brought humour and a relaxed atmosphere to a group of strangers while delivering some insightful views and useful skills for the group to use.  Peter is a professional that I would recommend to anyone wishing to 'shine some light' into their business." 

 - Lorraine Willis, Executive Officer, Family Business Australia WA


“I usually find the exercises in workshops ‘horrible’ and dread them, but we were given time to talk and explore – it was the best I’ve been to. . . . I’m really excited about working as part of this team and the things we may achieve as a group. Great – Thank You.”

- Anne Pearce, General Manager, TCCP


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