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Workplace Profiling

Improve your individual and organisational performance through the Harrison Assessments Talent System™.

Understanding yourself and your people is critical to creating high performance.

When used in tandem with Lamplighter’s 7-Step People Performance Improvement System™, workplace profiling can give you a wealth of data to ensure that you get the best individual and team results and that you have a roadmap for continuing to improve on your success.


Know Thyself, Part I

Know Thyself, Part II

White Paper (pdf): Best Practices in Talent Assessment

White Paper (pdf): Best Practices in Recruitment Assessment

It’s about getting the right people in the right job at the right time.

That's why Lamplighter Performance Consulting is pleased to use Harrison Assessments Talent System™ as our preferred all-round individual and team profiling tool.

The Harrison Assessments Talent System provides the world's best recruiting and development system for your company.  Used by millions of people worldwide, the Harrison Assessments Talent System helps companies build powerful workforces that are ideally aligned with their work and the future of the organisation.

"With the help of Lamplighter Performance Consulting we came across Harrison Assessments.... We have now transferred to using Harrison Assessments for both recruitment and career development.... Harrison Assessments have now been used in a number of recruitments, and have been well-received by managers, as well as resulting in significant savings to GESB.... Employees...love the reports and find them very easy to understand.  Because the information is based on their own work preferences, people are very comfortable with the feedback, which provides a great starting point for the coaching conversation.

We’d like to thank Lamplighter Performance Consulting for helping us implement this tool."

- Michelle Gilmore, Head of Human Resources, GESB (Government Employees Superannuation Board)

Western Australia's largest locally run Superannuation Fund Managers



  • Save time, money and effort for yourself and your people
  • Improve productivity and profitability
  • Generate greater staff retention and engagement
  • Determine optimal tasks/executive roles
  • Identify work-based strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify high potential individuals
  • Determine key motivators
  • Get great performance
  • Determine how to attract high potential candidates
  • Screen for job suitability with up to 95% predictive accuracy of success
  • Plan for succession and development with confidence
  • Take advantage of unparalleled lie detection – the best in its field
  • Identify possible career paths
  • Build powerful, balanced teams
  • Predict how individuals, teams and the organisation will react under stress and prepare contingency plans

Since employing the services of Lamplighter Performance Consulting and standardising on the use of Harrison Assessments, National Corporate Training has been able to significantly lift the standard of new employees.

In addition the Behavioural Assessments also provide management with an insightful understanding of how best to manage individual employees to ensure high performance.

We have found Harrison Assessments to be ‘uncannily accurate’ as a predictor of human behaviour and are now more confident about the recruiting process in general as well as management of individual staff members. . . .

We have also had positive responses from candidates themselves who see the Harrison Assessments as portraying a very positive and professional image, which can help sell them to your company as well.

Michael Claydon, Managing Director, National Corporate Group


Harrison Assessments™ are an exceptional Work Preferences Talent Suitability System that will give you unprecedented talent development tools.  Developed over the course of 30 years, Harrison Assessments™ (HA) provides unmatched insight on individual and organisational performance.

The only reason that we use this talent management profiling system is because, after twenty years of exploring psychometric profiles, personality tests and leadership profiling, we found Harrison Assessments™ to be the most effective, reliable and cost effective method for determining key suitability traits that align with human performance principles.  We were so impressed when we first undertook it ourselves, that we had to incorporate it into our own work.  For that “paper and pencil” assessment element, Harrison Assessments™ provides superior flexibility, analysis and information at every point.  (For striking a balance between written assessments and holistic methods, see our articles “Know Thyself” and “Know Thyself, Part II”.)

Harrison Assessments™ gives you tremendous information for talent management, providing reliability in:

  • Performance Improvement - See how your suitability and traits compare to the world's high performers in your field. Anticipate stress or crisis reactions and responses in your people and guide them to better performance. Receive instant recommendations for improvement. Increase your effectiveness and performance.
  • Recruiting - Recruit with up to 95% predictive validity of individual success. Save tens of thousands of dollars in recruitment costs, poor job or promotional matches and your time and peace of mind.
  • Management - Forecast individuals' management and leadership traits. Determine key development areas. See how to best manage staff in order to gain high performance.
  • Personal & Professional Development - Get a balanced overview of yourself or your people.  Identify concrete directions for development, improvement and job design.
  • Outplacement - Determine optimal pathways for career and personal development. Receive recommendations for personal growth. Develop a plan for development and placement.
  • Career advice - Determine suitability rankings for hundreds of careers. Receive advice on how to continue to develop in your career.
  • Team Analysis & Improvement - Analyse team functioning, objectively determine strengths and weaknesses and ways to improve.
  • Succession Planning - Identify candidates and predict success.
  • Organisational Development - Optimal workforce planning, organisational design, workforce realignment, whole organisation behaviours determined through a systematic review of your people, resulting in substantial increases in productivity, efficiency, morale, personnel engagement and overall performance.
  • Identify Your Greatest Strengths amidst more than 150 specific work-related traits and predict negative behaviour.


Career description Andrew Jones

Determine a range of career or job suitability options

Recruimtent Screening Harrison Assessments

Screen groups of job applicants with over 80% savings on your time and recruitment costs

Main Graph

Determine the main aspects of an individual's functioning with a unique and powerful overview of your work preferences

Paradox Graph

Identify ideal functioning and predict reactions under stress or unfamiliar situations with uncanny accuracy

HATS Job Success Analysis

Predict behaviour in over 158 individual traits and predict high performance job success with up to 85% predictive validity

 HATS Job Success Analysis Page 2


What Does Harrison Assessments Do?

Harrison Assessments™ assesses over 150 work preference traits, yet accomplishes this through a brief (less than 30 minutes) questionnaire and follow-up interpretation with high reliability and construct validity. Harrison Assessments™ also demonstrates high correlational validity with personality assessments such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the 16PF, meaning that you have a reliable, proven tool established according to world standards.

Harrison Assessments™ costs a fraction of other personality and behavioural questionnaires, for greater results. Given the costs of recruiting and losing good people, a consultation is a small investment that can profit you tens of thousands of dollars per person.

As a Work Preferences questionnaire, Harrison Assessments™ has the unique ability to forecast success of individuals and teams within specific roles with a high degree of accuracy AND to provide direction for HOW individuals can develop their skills and preferences to perform better.  But unlike a large array of personality assessments, it does this without unduly pigeon-holing people.

Benchmarked against thousands of samples of high performers in numerous roles, Harrison Assessments™ has a strong research basis and practical orientation.  It is unique and it is the best single tool of its type that we have seen - that's why we're proud to be Harrison Assessments™ consultants.

How is the assessment completed?

Harrison Assessments™ may be fully administered online. Contact us now to arrange your assessment.

This is flexible technology at its best. It takes only 30 minutes (maximum) to complete, so you can take it any time that's convenient, as long as you have a computer with internet access. We can then provide you or the relevant individual reports and debrief face to face or remotely.

The Harrison Assessment Talent System also incorporates Eligibility screening, allowing you to pre-screen hundreds of applicants instantly and now offers a dedicated Career Navigation System as of September 2013.

How Does HATS Benefit You?

HATS' tremendous flexibility and practicality means that you have a single tool that can add tremendous value to your bottom lines: being an employer of choice, a provider of choice, and your company's underlying value.

Many of our clients use Harrison Assessments™ for recruiting, profiling and workforce development.

You can use the Harrison Assessments Talent System to improve any aspect of the HR cycle at your company. Lamplighter Performance Consulting are trained advanced interpreters, able to offer you insight and systematic processes that will help in recruitment, retention and engagement of your employees or to gain practical insight for yourself.

Visit the Harrison Assessments International website for more in-depth information, examples and presentations on the Harrison Assessments Talent System.

How you can use HATS in your organisation:

Lamplighter Performance Consulting provides licensed Harrison Assessments consulting and interpretation is a licensed international distributor of the Harrison Assessments Talent System. You can access the Harrison Assessments via

1. Bureau Services - Use Lamplighter Performance Consulting to conduct profiling for your needs. This is a great option for small or infrequent usage. Our regular clients are delighted by our ongoing personal service and immediate attention, while providing them with the depth of our experience with Harrison Assessments and other people needs.

2. In-House Services - If you wish to use the profiling tools on a regular basis you can contract to use the HATS system in-house. Suitably qualified personnel can be accredited in administration and interpretation. After initial set-up investment (which is a base purchase of necessary units for running profiles) and basic training costs, you pay as you require units for use with significant volume discounts available. You can also continue to use our services for interpretation of results. Your per-report cost is massively reduced and provides you continual access to the system and resources for maximum flexibility and power.

Visit the Harrison Assessments International page for further information on the Harrison Assessments Talent System - used by millions around the world.

Find Out More . . .

Harrison Assessments and the Harrison Assessments Talent System are only available through licensed representatives.

We can arrange for your Harrison Assessments™ profile to be taken over the internet. Simply contact us to arrange your profile.

Alternatively, we are happy to provide suitable organisations with a free demonstration in person or via the internet. You may also take a FREE assessment with sample reports for your company (limited to one per company) to see how powerful this system really is.

For free samples and demonstration or to arrange a discussion about using Harrison Assessments Talent System™ for you or your company, Contact Us.


Harrison Assessments™ is a trademark of Harrison Assessments International. Lamplighter Performance Consulting is a registered agent of Harrison Assessments International.

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